Fair pay for fair work

Focus on doing what you do best. Get your business online to acquire new customers. Streamline bookings with our scheduling tools. Let great customer reviews bring you more business.

Fair pay for fair work

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Put yourself out there. Whether you're offering cleaning services, babysitting, or anything else, this is the perfect place to be discovered.

Get noticed

Let your work and your happy customer reviews do the leg work for you. Forget scouring endless social media groups for customers and relying on word of mouth.

Get paid

We take care of the terms, cancellation policies, late payments and all the other hassle. Focus on doing.

Reach your customers effectively

Every Pro on Fayrworks gets a public profile that is search engine optimized and displays nicely when shared on social media, which means more eyes on you and more gigs.

Consolidate your bookings

We keep all your bookings in one place and help you navigate from one gig to another. And if you want to automatically have your Google Calendar up to date, we got you covered here too.

Scheduling made easy

Show your availability to your customers and never have a double booking again.

But how does this really work?

You're in control

You set your own rates, your schedule and you pick your own customers. We provide you with tools to do your best.

No middlemen

Fayrworks Pros are entrepreneurs and talk directly to their customers.


It's completely free to be a Fayrworks Pro, and there are no hidden fees.

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